Easy HTML5 Animation with Sencha’s Animator

sencha animator 150x150 Easy HTML5 Animation with Senchas AnimatorWatch out Adobe, but Sencha is ready to take on Flash with their new Animator software.  The company, formerly known as Ext JS, is adding the new animation tool to their current HTML5 framework product, Sencha Touch.

Those experienced with Flash should not have a problem learning to use Animator.  Currently the animations made by Animator only work on WebKit browsers (sorry Firefox users but apparently Firefox doesn’t support CCS3 animations quite yet).  The animations are crossed platform meaning they work on devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry Torch, Android, and browsers such as Safari and Chrome.

Video tutorials show how easy it is to create a bouncing ball animation.  The simple system makes use of drag and drop, instant play of your animation for testing, etc.

Abobe isn’t resting on its laurels, however and has no plans to let go of the web animation crown.  They are currently working on a new product called Edge.  At this time it hasn’t been released.

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