Blizzard unleashes Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3

The long awaited patch 4.3 for World of Warcraft was released today.  Surprisingly the patch wasn’t very big with the download weighing in at 30MB (at least for the two systems that I updated – and I’m pretty sure it was larger with additional data having been downloaded in the background previously).  Patch 4.3 brings us to the eve of finally getting revenge on Cataclysm’s big bad, Deathwing.  However, that’s not all the goodness that comes bundled in this patch.

wow transmorgrify1 150x150 Blizzard unleashes Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3To me, one of the most vanity of features is Transmogrification.  If you don’t like the way your armor or weapons look and you have another piece of armor or weapon that you like the looks of better, then just transmogrify your old armor.  We all knew this was coming and many an individual has gone back to the old dungeons to get tier pieces just so they could change the way their characters look.  The cost of augmenting an item varies (testing with my druid and leather was 12 gold), not that bad really.

Some of the requirements for Transmorgrification:

  • Your character must be able to equip both items
  • Only green, blue or purple items can be transmogrified
  • Items must be of the same armor type
  • Weapons must be the same weapon type
  • Fishing poles cannot be transmogrified
  • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be transmogrified

Further stipulations can be found here.

wow void storage 150x150 Blizzard unleashes Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3WoW players have long needed extra storage space for all of the crap that we just can’t seem to let go of.  Enter Void Storage from your friendly neighborhood Vaultkeeper.  But it’s not free, mind you.  For a small fee you can store your items, up to 80 slots worth.  It will cost you 100 gold to unlock the void storage.  There is a special deposit area where you drag your soulbound items to be deposited.  I dragged an item over and the transfer fee for the item was 25 gold.  There is also a fee for withdrawing the item (though when I withdrew the piece that I just placed in storage, there was no charge, so I don’t know if this is something that Blizzard has changed from their original description of the feature).  All items that are placed in the void storage will be stripped of all enchantments, gems, sockets, reforged stats, etc.  Some items can’t be stored in the void storage.  It is not intended to be a second bank!


wow no unique void storage 150x120 Blizzard unleashes Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3Oddly enough, the one thing that the void storage should be used for it cannot be.  Unique items cannot be stored in the void storage.  So forget about putting those holiday vestments and other items there.  So what the hell is the point of this if you can’t move those items that are taking up your bank space?  Come on, Blizzard!  What were you thinking?


Since the Dungeon Finder has been introduced, running dungeons has gotten a lot easier.  It’s possibly the best feature that has been added in WoW in a long time.  Blizzard wants to do for raiding what they did for dungeon running by introducing the Raid Finder.  It will work very much like the Dungeon Finder by making it easier to form a pick-up raid specifically for the newest raid content – the Dragon Soul raid.  It is not designed, however, to replace your standard organized raiding with friends or your guild-mates.

Along with all of the previouslly mentioned additions, there are new dungeons to run:

The new raid dungeon:
And a new legendary weapon for rogues:
This is reported to be the last patch before Mists of Pandaria comes out (sometime in 2012??) so hopefully the new additions as well as the new content and final battle with Deathwing will be enough to hold everyone over.  If not or if MOP is delayed, I’m sure Blizzard will release possibly one more patch to keep our appetites suppressed.

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