RIM still trying to survive – Introducing music downloads on Blackberry

Research in Motion, apparently trying to keep their numbers up with their Blackberry phones, is rolling out a music service for $5 per month for 50 songs, possibly as early as September.

The burning question, of course, is why anyone would pay $5 per month for a limited amount of songs when there are services available (such as Rhapsody) that provide unlimited songs for $10 per month?  RIM, however, seems to be thinking in terms of personalization – such as the way ringtones allowed users to personalize their phones.

I don’t get it.  As a former user of a Blackberry phone for a couple of years, I can’t stand the devices.  In their day, they were defintely the phone to have to stay in touch with email and browsing the web (albeit very slowly, but still).  With newer and faster smartphones coming on the scene in the past few years, RIM has lost the advantage and it shows in the phones and the software that runs on the phones.  To date, the worst phone they’ve made and the one I’m confident put their future on ice was the Storm.  It just couldn’t compete with the iPhone.

This seems to just be an insignificant attempt for RIM to try and save it’s Blackberry business. I personally don’t believe that many people will subscribe to this service.

Source:  AllThingsD


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