Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

In this disposable, high tech world, I prefer the low-tech redneck course of action sometimes.  It’ll save you a little money, and who couldn’t use a bit more of that?  With enough forethought, many times the “results” of this course of action are not hard on the eyes, easy on the budget, AND works as intended.  This is the case with my idea for a needed camera stand in the Anairo Media studio.

base supplies 300x225 Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

A 2 gallon bucket, a piece of 1×4 lumber, and a couple of boxes of Plaster of Paris will get this project started. You’ll also need some spray primer and a main color of your choosing.

main color done 225x300 Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

The main color, Rustoleum Hammered Metal in Black, is applied to both 1×4 and bucket and allowed to dry thoroughly.

moss done 300x225 Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

To give the camera stand a touch of class, preserved Spanish Moss is tucked in the bucket around the 1×4.

camera mounting 300x202 Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

Using a screw and 2 washers, the camera is mounted to the top of the 1×4.

in place 225x300 Authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand

Positioned, this sturdy little camera stand is ready for the action.


Congratulations.  You have just completed an authentic SouthGeek Camera Stand.  A small screw-in hook can be added under the camera to hold a clip-board for notes or reminders while in front of the camera.  Enjoy, y’all.

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