Cisco tracks for the government. AT&T is proud they aren’t the only ***k ups.

“We may share aggregated and anonymous user experience information with service providers, contractors or other third parties to assist us with improving the Service and user experience, but any shared information will be consistent with Cisco’s overall Privacy Statement and will not identify you personally in any way.”

Yeah?  Who’s to say you won’t just open up and say “ahhhh” the government?

I’m sorry, but Cisco is just like another giant that doesn’t have a clue how to interact with its customes – AT&T.  It blows my mind that they have no clue how to relate.  A section of their company that deals with only the connecton – “Is it up?  Yep.  Ok, we’re done.”

“Can we ping your IP address?  Yep.  The connection is good.”

“Wait…what about IPv6?”

“Oh…Sorry – we don’t handle that and it’s not on our order to test.”

“So – what do we do?”

“Talk to your sales associate.”

Sales associate:  “Huh?  IPv6 ?”

And it get’s worse from there.

And for more information that I don’t have the energy to post, here it is:



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