Facebook Dad Teaches Troubled Teen That Using Technology Requires Responsibility

Over the weekend, a new YouTube video went viral.  Tommy Jordan, having spent several hours working on his daughter’s computer and installing $130 worth of software for her, discovered a nasty post on Facebook from her.  As he points out, she tried to hide the post from him, but he was able to view and print out a copy of the post.  His daughter is 15.

From the things she wrote about her parents, I can see how he could be hurt and disappointed.  Watching the video, you can see that he is upset, having to stop a few times to compose himself.  The anger and hurt was bleeding through the video, and rightfully so.

The comments are in the millions about this video.  Some applauding Tommy and some threatening his life.  The question of his parenting skills has come up.  His home has been investigated by Child Services.  Of course, they found nothing wrong with the environment that he is raising his daughter in.  His firearms are stored properly according to North Carolina law, specifically when there are underage children in the house.

Tommy’s actions should teach his daughter a lesson, but even a further lesson that some may have missed and sometimes we all miss.  For one, this should teach her to be responsible for her actions.  When we make decisions in our lives, whether they are personal decisions or work related decisions, we must always be responsible for those decisions.  She decided to post harmful and disparaging remarks about her parents, in a medium that basically EVERYONE can see.  Whether she honestly realized that her parents weren’t going to find out, or she secretly hoped they would, we’ll never really know.  What she does know now, however, is that she must be responsible for her actions.

Secondly, the proliferation of social media, the ability to post information online and allow anyone to see it, or the ability to post information online and hope that only certain people will see it – there  is another lesson she should have learned after this – technology can bite you in the ass.  Before social networks, she could have complained to her friends, maybe the friends would say something to their parents and the word may have eventually made it to her parents.  But the impact would have been significantly reduced by this method.  It possibly could have resulted in shorter grounding time and no destruction of property.  But we’re in a 24/7 connected world now, and your persona online says a lot about you.  And as with real life, you must take responsibility for your actions in the online world.

I am one of those that applaud what Tommy did.  Sometimes, especially in today’s society, you have to take drastic measures to get someone’s attention.  Popping a few rounds into a laptop, subsequently destroying the laptop, is a small price to pay for demonstrating to his daughter that you are responsible for your actions.  It’s called Personal Responsibility.  I’m sure this isn’t over between them.  The amount of attention this has garnered for Tommy and his family is making life difficult for them, I’m sure.  Which should prove to his daughter, one more time, that even her dad must take responsibility for his actions.


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