SouthGeek Ramble and Review 33 [100001]: What’s a Floppy?

In this episode, the pundits discuss a Minnesota student suing her school system because they violated her 1st amendment rights, Chris Pirillo recorded his father trying to use Windows 8, AOL has unofficially killed off the AOL Instant Messenger client (AIM) and Encyclopedia Britannica stops printing after 244 years.

Pundits:  Donovan Adkisson, Tyler Adkisson, Walt Wyndroski

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  1. Donovan Adkisson March 19, 2012 12:14 pm  Reply

    AOL has released a statement, saying they aren’t killing off AIM:
    “We are not killing instant messenger,” an AOL spokeswoman said toComputerworld late Wednesday afternoon. “We’ll continue to support it and evolve the product.”
    Funny thing, though, is that AOL hasn’t evolved AIM in years.  It’s doubtful they’ll do it now since they’ve let the core of the team go.

  2. cmaxw March 24, 2012 12:04 am  Reply

    Regarding that 12 year old. I’d go bananas on those school administrators if that were my kid. 

    • Donovan Adkisson March 24, 2012 7:58 am  Reply

       @cmaxw You and me both.  Though it wasn’t anything quite like this (more of a bullying problem and the fact that the schools were becoming more like prisons), my wife and I home schooled our children.  I had one graduate at 17 and the other one just a week before his 16th birthday.  My daughter is currently working through the program as well.  I think they turned out just fine and quite brilliant (of course I have to say that).  My youngest son is responsible for version 2.0 of this -

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