SouthGeek Ramble and Review 43 [101011]: EULA Want Me to What?

In this episode, the pundits discuss America’s failing broadband policy, the new Google Chromebook and Chromebox, Microsoft doesn’t want you to be a part of a lawsuit against them and Britain’s new “cookie law” won’t allow sites to track you or they’ll pay!

Carl T. Ruckus talks about DISH and the networks at each others’ throats, Amazon VOD comes to the XBOX 360 and Google releases its copyright takedown report with some very funny results.

Ben talks about his new teaching job.  Devon explains the difficulties that a friend of his had ordering computer parts for a system that Devon is building for him.  *DIABLO III SPOILER ALERT* – Donovan spills something about Diablo III that was a spoiler for those that have not played the game yet.

Pundits:  Donovan AdkissonTyler AdkissonDevon Adkisson, and Ben Rehberg


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