Start Button Is Staying In Windows 8?

Is the start button staying in Windows 8?  Paul Thurrott reported on the Supersite for Windows previously that the Windows 8 Start Button or Start Orb was no longer available in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta).  In a new post dated Friday, February 10th, Paul now states that the Start Button isn’t being dropped.  However, his snarky title doesn’t lend itself to tell the truth of the tale.

Windows hardware start button Start Button Is Staying In Windows 8?More to the point, the purpose of his post is to expand upon Microsoft’s requirement for Windows 8 Logo certification by which they state that a Windows key button is a requirement on all Windows 8 hardware to be certified for the Windows 8 logo.  In short, no Windows key no Windows 8 logo.  And it’s a hardware button, comparable to the home key on Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Paul makes a statement that most of us that complain about the Windows 8 Metro interface and Start Button are missing the point, namely that the primary interface is no longer the desktop in Windows 8.  The Metro Interface, or the Start Screen, is the new primary focus of Windows 8.  I don’t disagree with what he states as fact, but I disagree that this SHOULD BE fact.  If I wanted a screen with nothing but icons to point to and run programs, I already have that with my iPhone or iPad.  I don’t need or want this on my desktop computer.

He finishes up his article stating that the Start button was removed because it’s superfluous now and he’s not sure why it’s such a big deal.  The reason it’s a big deal is because the interface is not a common sense interface on a DESKTOP computer.  Yes, on a tablet, this kicks ass – much as the same style of interface works well on the iPad and even the iPhone.  The new Windows phone software uses the panel styled Metro interface very well also.

But it is NOT common sense to replace a productive tool for the sake of keeping up with the competition and going one step further by putting it on devices that it has no business being on.



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