Top 5 best travel apps for iOS

To make your trip effortlessly easy and convenient, there are some latest apparatus for globe trotters for their iPad, iPhone and iPod. These applications cover everything from camera optimization to automated travel itineraries which are bound to make your trip very pleasant and hassle free. If you are a regular traveler then these apps are bound to come in useful for you anywhere in the world. Here is a pick of the top 5 apps for your ios devices.

1. TripIt

TripIt is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone and can give you immense peace of mind while traveling. It becomes an easy way of organizing and sharing your travel plans by automatically giving all trip details on your iPhone or iPad. It also links to your email account and gives every confirmation that comes into your in box mail. TripIt makes your information into a more readable and useful format as an organized itinerary which are automatically updated. The TripIt app means that you do not have to refer to your paper printed itinerary anymore. From flight cancellation to the next available flight is automatically shown on your screen which makes it very convenient for your travels.

2. Photosynth

Anywhere in the world, the Photosynth Interactive Panorama capture and sharing makes for the best photos on your camera. The Photosynth stitches together images of your photos into a panoramic image with a 360 degree views which you can send to family and friends abroad. The Photosynth is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch and iPad 2 wifi +3G.

3. Help Call

Should you require calling any emergency number while on holiday and that’s where Help Call comes in as a useful app. The Help Call connects to your iPhone with emergency numbers anywhere in the world and you can even set a number to dial by shaking the phone if you cannot press the dial button. There are just a set of four buttons on the Help Call interface which makes for easy use during emergency. The four buttons are set for fire, ambulance, friend and police.

4. Gateguru

Gateguru has been named as one of the top 5 air travel apps by CNN with real time flight status and notifications. Gateguru gives travelers real time flight status, push notifications for important flights and structured airport amenity database. From the minute a passenger embarks on journey until the minute of arrival Gateguru serves as a most valuable resource. You can also use this app to view Kayak and TripIt itineraries, along with the list of airport services, food and shops.

5. EveryTrail

This GPS app picks up your location and even calculates the hiking and bike trails in that area. This comes in very useful for your outdoor activities by tracking your route, speed and distance. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and also has a new and free app to track the weather conditions.

There are many other apps for ios devices but these are some of the popular choice of travelers and many have benefited due to these apps.


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  1. SadieHeldberg June 12, 2012 8:37 pm  Reply

    Awesome variety in your detailed list Kelly, thank you for the helpful information. I can certainly agree that I have found amazing peace of mind, with TripIt by my side. Although sometimes I wonder where the technological age will lead humanity, I love having apps for my iPad, on my business trips for Dish. I use two apps everywhere I go, and they are fantastic as helpful tools of the trade. Yelp is amazing; sometimes a city is bigger than I can wrap my mind around. Dish Remote Access is a relaxing way to handle stressful situations; airport malfunctions with a movie on my iPad is a blessing (bye reality…) I have definitely benefited from using apps; I have had time to play on my off hours as well.

  2. Free-Fax June 20, 2012 3:56 am  Reply

    I have Photosynth in my phone. I used it once for combining panoramic pictures. It’s almost the same as using photoshop.

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